Aomori Japan Cherry Blossom Tour
Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Aomori Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

Our Aomori Cherry Blossom Tour itinerary begins after a relaxing shinkansen ride to the last station in the Tohoku region, Shin-Aomori station from Tokyo, and then a short transfer to Hirosaki City will lead you to the longest cherry blossom lined road in the entire world!  The road is longer than 20 kilometers and has approximately 6,500 sakura trees for you to photograph.  Not only do you have seemingly endless avenues of cherry blossoms, you also have the good fortune of a spectacular mountain range with Mt. Iwaki as the tallest peak creating a picture perfect background for panorama photos of the sakura.  You can also enjoy up close shooting with the numerous individual ...

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Tour
Monday, January 14, 2019
Aomori Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photography Tours should always include the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.  I have spent years exploring Tokyo and its surrounding areas in search of the most breathtaking sakura, and we all think Shinjuku Gyoen is a photo op paradise.  The garden has an overall circumference of more than three kilometers and many different species of sakura to enjoy, so you will be able to photograph the various states of cherry blossoms from first bud to full bloom.  The park also holds several souvenir booths as well as sweets with a cherry blossom theme.  You will be able to take small breaks between all the beautiful shutter chances that Shinjuku Gyoen Park ...

Are Long Heavy Telephoto Lenses Outdated?
Saturday, January 12, 2019
Aomori Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

I have had a camera in my hand before my adulthood, and I have been fortunate in my carrier as a pro Photographer to be able to afford the best gear.  Nikon has been my choice through the years, and I still have my 600mm & 800mm manual lenses in my collection, also I have the 600mm and 800mm autofocus VR lenses, you could say they have become a part of my family.  My current bodies I use daily are the Nikon D5, D850, D810,  Lenses I do love the products from Aizu Fukushima Sigma Corporation, the 300-800mm f5.6 I have trusted since it's release, and I am on my 3rd lens, the other two met with unfortunate events; but that’s my business adventure photography, and we ...

Niigata Japan Photo Tours and Workshops
Thursday, January 10, 2019
Aomori Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

Niigata Photo Tours and workshops meant opening a new chapter for me CEO and lead photographer at Blain Harasymiw Photography workshops and tours.  Having more than 20 years experience living and exploring throughout Japan mostly way off the beaten path, one thing I and other Blain Harasymiw Photo Workshop Leaders and are privy to is trends and subtle changes in Japan Photo Tours and Worshops.Case in point, Kanazawa Photo Workshops and Tours used to be large part of the annual photo tour schedule, and the lodging prices were reasonable, making the beautiful landscapes and nature photography even more appealing because of how easy it was to stay in the area and affordably set up base ...

Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photo Tours
Monday, January 07, 2019
Aomori Japan Cherry Blossom Tour

Some people consider Ueno Park to be the premiere Tokyo Cherry Blossom Photo Tour viewing area for all of Japan.  The park has been popular since the 16th century for cherry blossom viewing, and the sakura trees are meticulously groomed and ready for your enjoyment.  Some of the park grounds have cherry blossoms so densely blossoming that the sky turns from azure to a brilliant pink with all the blossoms fluttering in the mild winds of spring.  The park has nearly 1,000 trees in more than 500,000 square meters of protected park land, so there will be ample photo ops for you, but the day only begins there.Sumida Park is a must see location for cherry blossom viewing on any ...

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