Posting Guidelines Please Read & Follow

Three photo’s per day, please.

2. Our theme is Zen, a meditative discipline. As a visual artist, please share your moments of your perceptual Zen nature, wildlife, landscapes, cultural event, gardens, architectural, only post clean, friendly images, for all ages.

3. URL’s/links are not allowed, however, if the URL/link is your way to express Zen Just as long as it’s within out theme, and others find it tasteful please share. But if the URL/link is found to be not tasteful or offensive it will be removed, preferably with warming, the same applies to all posts and members.

4. Please include a little info about your photo, titles are enough.

6. If you have any questions concerning these guidelines, or would
Suggest reforms; please do contract me.

P.S. As soon as we reach 10,000 members we will have an annual event for the Zen photographer of the year. Authentication and raw file must be submitted to claim the prize, for one free photo tour In Japan, with a value not exceeding $7000 USD with me as your guide Blain Harasymiw. Full guidelines will be posted and available publicly once we reach ten thousand members.
For more information or other, please contact me.