Japan Winter Wildlife Photo Expedition Workshop January 17, 2019- January 28, 2019

Kevin Raber of the Luminous Landscape leading provider of workshops to the edge-of-the-planet destinations, and Blain Harasymiw have teamed for an unforgettable cross-country photo expedition wildlife Journey through Japan.

The Adventure
Our first nature adventure starts at the snow-capped Mt. Fuji; we will photograph this iconic symbol of Japan between the golden and twilight.

After shooting sunrise on Mt. Fuji and breakfast we depart and enter the world of the Samurai at Matsumoto Castle, locally known as Crow castle or Kurasu-Jo, due to its grandeur poised black exterior. Built in 1504, it's unique samurai architectural design does not exist elsewhere in Japan, having both a secondary donjon and turret adjoined to its central keep. While photographing the interior of this original samurai castle, we will practice our low lighting techniques, which Keven and Blain will explain.

A little over an hour drive from Matsumoto, we enter Zen territory home of the Snow Monkeys in Jigokudani Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park, where you will have up-close and personal encounters with wild Japanese macaques as they enjoy the hot springs. They are the most northern-living nonhuman primate; they survive the snowy winter climate by soaking in the warmth of the healing hot springs, also in the region are volcanic steam vents keeping them warm on those cold nights.

After visiting with the snow monkeys, we transfer by plane to Japans most northern island Hokkaido. Wow, get ready Look Up! Red-Crowned Cranes. Their courtship dance is as graceful as ballerinas. They bow to one another, then raise their heads towards the sky and call in unison, The pair or the entire flock will leap into the air at the same time commencing in the courtship dance. 

After breakfast in Akanko, we drive for Lake Kushiro where we will find over 300 whooper swans who return every winter.  Geothermal hot springs that mix with the lakes cool water create steam and mist and prevent ice forming on the sandy beach.  This is where we will photograph the pure white giant swans and spend the day exploring the region.

We will enjoy breakfast then check out of Akanko.  This ice packed adventure takes us to the Pacific coastline where we will board a chartered vessel to photograph the Steller's Sea-eagle in their natural ice packed feeding habitat.  The Steller's Sea Eagle are said to be the largest and most powerful bird of prey.  You will have hundreds of great images of them clutching fish in their talons, feasting on fish and in flight.  The region is home to the largest herds of Sika deer on our planet, and we will also photograph the red-tailed fox, white-tailed eagle, black kite, golden eagle, and many other subarctic species.  Sunrises and sunsets are extraordinarily beautiful on this stretch of coastline. 

Join Kevin Raber and Blain Harasymiw
For this Unforgettable Journey Through Japan
January 17, 2019 - January 28, 2019

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