Japan Private Guided Tour

Are you ready to enjoy an incredible, life-changing private guided tour of Japan?

From $500 per day all inclusive based on 3-4 participants.
Blain Harasymiw has spent more than 20 years journeying with countless insights into must-see locations and areas within Japan as well as areas that only he has access to. He has explored over 200 of Japan’s 6,852 islands, from the tropical Okinawa to the northernmost island, Hokkaido. Blain is a multi-skilled professional photographer whose expertise includes photography in many fields: wildlife, birding, astrophotography, architecture, landscapes, cultural, product, fine art, and street. And you are exceptionally lucky because Blain wants to share some of his insights with you!

With Blain’s well-trained photographic perspective and expert guidance, you will have all your photography questions answered and his help to capture breathtaking photos. Blain feels the only silly question is that one you don’t ask! Blain offers expert advice on all of his tours, so why not seize the opportunity to benefit from Blain’s focused attention on a private or small group tour?

Rates are based on the number of days and participants. With four participants, Blain’s private tour/workshop prices are equal or lower than group rates.

Why this Photography Tour/Workshop Is Right For You:

  • All levels of photographers are welcome
  • Any type of camera is welcome: DSLR, pocket camera, scoping with an iPhone, large format, and others
  • Activity level, yours
  • Provided Transportation: Sports Utility Vehicles with Business Class Seating
  • All questions are welcomed and encouraged before and throughout your photography tour/workshop
  • Each morning and evening, we will discuss our best shooting options with our weather conditions in hand so we will be well prepared
  • 2019 represents the 22nd year Blain Harasymiw has been leading Japan Guided Tours for photographers 

The Perfect photography vacation adventure awaits! To start your adventure, all interested parties should fill out the contact form below to begin to process for a personalized cultural photography Japan adventure. Please include in your message your desired dates of travel. The number of participants. A few keywords of what you would like to see and experience in Japan, such as cherry blossoms, snow monkeys, Steller’s sea eagles, Hokkaido, Okinawa, birding geisha, Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, Onsen experience, Japanese cuisine,
Perhaps you want to try a tour that Blain is already leading but with a more personal focus? Please let us know!


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