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Traveling Alone with family or fellow photographers, photography club, photo tour group. At Blain Harasymiw Photography you can expect/should expect THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME.
With our VIP private photo tours/workshops it is essential to provide you with your ideal itinerary.

On average with four people this service is equal or lower than our photo tours/workshops. This holds true also when comparing with other photographers workshops/tours.
We first ask you to provide us with dates of travel, your theme for your adventure, and your group number. It might already be one of our listed tours/workshops and you wish for a different date.

What is your ideal itinerary? Contact either by email or phone/chat we are available 24/7, for your convince.
We are booked 8-10 week per year, for our private and group photo workshop/tours.

I RECOMMEND A FREE CONSULTATION BEFORE YOU BOOK WITH US. This will help us to get a clearer vision of your ideal itinerary.
We give you as much time needed to discuss your adventure so noting is left to chance. It’s your time, it’s your adventure, there are no details that are to small to discuss. Four legged family members are welcomed.
Rates are based on number of days and participants. Average is $500USD per person per day. Prices may be lower or high depending on your preferences. Myself and up to 5 member of my team are available.
We are able to provide private security, if needed.
We are looking forward to proving you with a home away from home feel. Please feel free to contact us if you any questions.
A deposit of $1000USD per persons is required to reserve your place.
Please let us know your method of payment. Full payment of the tour/workshop fee is due 120 days prior to the departure.


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