• Japan Snow Monkey's Alpha Male

    I took this short clip of the Snow Monkeys while leading a photography tour at snow monkey park in Nagano, Japan.

  • Alpha Male Rebuffed

    This Alpha male being rebuffed, was filmed by Blain’s crew while he was leading another Snow Monkey Photography Tour in Japan.

  • Snow Monkey Family Time - Private Hot Springs.

    This short video of a Mother and Child Snow monkey was filmed while Blain was leading a snow monkey photography tour in Nagano, Japan.

  • Mother n Child Snow Monkeys.

    Snow Monkeys 2016 leading photography group, Nagano, Japan.

  • Steam Locomotive Japan

    This steam locomotive was filmed while Blain Harasymiw was leading a Hokkaido Photography Tour in Japan.

  • Cherry Blossom Snow

    The Perfect Cherry Blossom was filmed by Blain Harasymiw while he was leading a photography workshop in Niigata, Japan.

  • Matsumoto Castle

    1st light on a gorgeous spring morning at Matsumoto Castle. This video was taken while I was leading a workshop of international photographers.

  • Call of the Whopper Swan

  • Yahiko Yukake Matsuri Spring 2017

    This short video clip was taken at Yahiko Yukake Matsurie. It Is an auspicious occasion, where haling hot springs waters are carried down from a sacred mountain water source overlooking the village of Yahiko. The barrels are loaded onto a (dash) float car that is pulled though the town by the vigorous.